miércoles, octubre 11, 2006

Misery Signals-Mirrors

Segundo material discografico de la banda bastante bueno solo que ahora el vocalista es Karl Schubach anteriormente el vocalista era Jesse Zaraska, aun asi la banda sigue teniendo ese poder chequenlo.

01. Face Yourself
02. The Failsafe
03. Post Collapse
04. Migrate
05. One Day I’ll Stay Home
06. Something Was Always Missing, But It Was Never You
07. Reverence Lost
08. Sword of Eyes
09. An Offering to the Insatiable Sons of God (Butcher)
10. Anchor
11. Mirrors

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  • Misery Signals-Of Malice and the Magnum Heart

    Album debut de esta banda formada en Wisconsin en el año 2002 un album muy bueno chequenlo.

    01. A Victim, A Target
    02. In Response To Stars
    03. The Year Summer Ended In June
    04. In Summary of What I Am
    05. The Stinging Rain
    06. Worlds & Dream
    07. Murder
    08. On Account of an Absence
    09. Five Years
    10. Difference of Vengeance and Wrongs

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  • lunes, octubre 02, 2006

    Cannae-Gold Becomes Sacrifice

    Tercera produccion y mas reciente de esta banda death/Metalcorera de Boston, Massachusetts, un disco bastante bueno chequenlo.

    01. Rats, Snakes And Thieves
    02. Faceless Portrait
    03. Indemnity
    04. Marked By Monuments
    05. Collapse
    06. Mechanics Of Moving Backwards
    07. Audience Of The Unspoken
    08. Bastinado
    09. Acts Of False Signals
    10. Fear And Panic

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